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Precision Dog Crate

Precision Dog Crate

Why crate a dog?
For an effective way to house train your new pup.
To prevent damage to your home when your away.
For the safety of your dog left in your home while your away.
To provide your dogs own space, that is also a useful time out for both you and your dog.
Available in sizes to suit
Just click the crate size to select the crate size and its price.
Easy assembly and storage 

There are no nuts and bolts, this crate just folds out and clicks into place. You can easily disassemble your crate so that it becomes very slim, so that it uses minimal space in storage.
Other reasons to buy the precision dog crate.
Strong and durable, provides a room with a good view for you and your pet, easy to clean, this is your dog's bedroom! 
Comes with free DVD with training tips.

Take advantage of our offer and have your crate delivered to you for free. In most cases this is achieved in 2 working days.

Click then select a size to suit your dog.


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