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1.  Royal Canin Shih Tzu Adult 7.5kg

Dog food for Shih Tzus over 10 months. Healthy skin and beautiful coat Helps support the skin's role as "barrier" and reveal the coat's natural beauty. Tartar reduction Helps reduce the formation of tartar

2.  Royal Canin Oral Sensitive 8kg

on the teeth in the form of tartar. FREE DELIVERY ORALS3.5

3.  Pets and Bad Breath

Bad breath in pets is just as offensive as it is in humans. But besides being a turn off, halitosis can be a sign of a health problem. It may indicate an accumulation of tartar on your pet's teeth, which can result

4.  Friendliest Cat Breeds

treasured decor. A true indoor specialist, a burmese handles apartment living well. However, they do love to go outdoors if allowed by their owners, but they are really just not cut out for it. These cats are prone to being