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Emma Reeves breeds :Cayuga Ducks, Muscovy Ducks, Japanese Quail, Pigions, Orpingtons.
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Cayuga ducks
(these are a rare breed of duck that are a beautiful glossy green-black, don't fly, good producers of meat and eggs). Available spring/summer

Muscovy ducks
(we have some of the less common colours, ours often throw blue, white or fawn offspring as well as the black and white, and often in pretty dappled patterns), some available now, otherwise spring/summer/orders.

Japanese Quail
- manchurian gold (fawn), pharoah (brown), all year round. Sometimes we also have available English white, rosetta (dark reddish brown), british range (very dark brown), tuxedo.

- white homing and coloured (reds and blues), usually available spring to autumn.

, silkie (colours as well as black and white) and hybrid laying chickens in spring.
We can hatch peoples eggs for them in our incubator for a fee.

For my wedding/funeral/event releases of trained white homing pigeons the email address is I do not sell birds for self-release. In the future I hope my cockatiels, canaries, zebra finches, and ringneck doves will be breeding  

Mrs Janice Salmon Breeds:   Rainbow Lories, Musk Lories, Scally Lories, Alexandrine Rainbow Lories, different colour Ringnecks and hand rear Talkng Ringnecks.
Selling friendly 8 week  old lories and 2 blue hand rear rings, also 1 green male musk.

Contact Janice Salmon

Phone 06 3550570
Cell    0276635247

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